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May 6, 2022
The independent evaluation of the UNDP Ukraine’s 2018-22 country programme was mostly completed by December 2021. However its finalization and approval has been delayed given the war in Ukraine. The BGSI Associate who participated in the UNDP’s Independent Evaluation Office’s evaluation, Anthony Costanzo, covered the Recovery and Peace building Programme (RPB) in eastern Ukraine and the inclusive development programme throughout the country. Mr. Costanzo had determined that the multi-donor supported RPB had helped the Ukraine-government controlled areas in eastern Ukraine to transition to and address socioeconomic and governance development and peace building needs from the crisis and humanitarian situation that was experienced after the 2014 conflict. He believes much of the gains that were experienced by local governments, private businesses and civil society organizations were erased by the current conflict. And, the safety, security and economic progress of individuals and families decimated.