News & Updates
January 4, 2012
Work continues in the Pacific-island nation of Tuvalu where BGSI Associate, Antonio Salindong, is helping to advance public enterprise reform to include the rationalization and privatization of several state-owned entities including a government-owned hotel, the philatelic bureau and the tourism agency, amongst others. He is also training counterparts to improve entity oversight and management. The technical assistance is funded by the Asian Development Bank under TA 8100 TUV Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Work also continues in the Pacific-island nation of the Cook Islands where BGSI Senior Associate Chris Yanckello is working with the government, mainly the Office of the Public Service Commissioner, to improve public service administration and performance. He is serving as the Human Resource Management and Organizational Change Specialist. Amongst the outputs are the vertical analysis of several ministries, providing approaches to identifying and analyzing service delivery improvements, improving government-wide performance reporting, training outer island civil servants, and developing a communication strategy to communicate changes to the public. The technical assistance is funded by the Asian Development Bank under TA 7958 COO Implementing Public Sector Reforms.

BGSI just completed a 5-year Performance-Based Management Improvement project for the Republic of the Marshall Islands. A team of two BGSI Senior Consultants, Chris Yanckello and John “Ike” Prokaska, developed and implemented a performance-based management system in most government ministries and several agencies. The systematic approach tied goals, objectives, outcomes and outputs to budget line items. Performance can now be measured on a monthly and quarterly basis and information is used in the annual budget process as well as for other resource allocation decision making. The system was originally formulated to help with sector budget planning and performance measurement for ministries and agencies that received U.S.-provided funding under the Amended Compact of Free Association (U.S. Public Law 109-188, 12/17/2003). The system was expanded to other ministries and agencies at the request of the government. The team also assisted with preparing a system and providing training for the Marshall’s Energy Company (MEC- state-owned power producing, transmission and energy company).

BGSI will institute a new focus area in 2013 regarding assisting Sovereign Wealth Funds and other country trust funds to improve reporting and provide performance measurement and management characteristics to Fund distribution use. This work will capitalize on experience gained by BGSI Director Anthony Costanzo and his ongoing work as Executive Administrator of two country trust funds. It also capitalized on BGSI’s performance management experience. Please see our Areas of Focus & Project Experience web page for detailed services and experience.




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